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AutoTracker Pro is an automotive dealer web application that was built for Independent Automobile Dealers. ATP specializes in automobile sales for dealers in Colorado. Automotive sales are moving to the Internet more each year and the result is increased inventory and customer tracking. Until now, there was no software application that met the complete needs of the dealerships with local and global sales all over the world. Getting paperwork to and from a customer was normally done by a courier service which cost time and money. Now AutoTracker Pro meets that need by giving automobile dealers a way to perform transactions with very little effort in seconds.

New: AutoTracker Pro is now an eBay compatible application. You can now use your saved AutoTracker Pro inventory to post ads right to your eBay account with little effort. Sell your inventory on a global scale with ATP! New: AutoTracker Pro provides accurate Colorado sales tax. Every deal now gets taxes calculated based on sale location.


AutoTracker Pro makes it easy to sell auto inventory to customers, print or email the required state forms right from your desktop or mobile device. With just a few clicks, customers can receive their paperwork and sign the documents using ATP E-Sign in just minutes.

AutoTrackerPro is an eBay Compatible Application

AutoTracker Pro is designed for
Colorado independent auto dealerships
to organize, track and report sales

  • No Bulky Installation - ATP is a Web Based Application that can be accessed from anywhere.
  • No Support Contract - ATP Technical Support is free.
  • No Printer Setup - ATP will print on any printer.
AutoTracker Features and Benefits

Documents and Templates

AutoTracker Pro helps you customize your documents quickly and easily with Microsoft Word. Edit and customize Email and Text Message templates with AutoTracker Pro's Editor that allows you the flexibility to communicate to your customers. Use standard Colorado Department of Revenue forms that now have electronic signatures incorporated into the forms for fast and convenient internet sales.

AutoTracker Pro makes document management
quick and easy for all users.
AutoTracker Pro Electronic Documents

Surveys and Feedback

AutoTracker Pro can send surveys to your customers automatically. Based on your settings, AutoTracker Pro contacts your customers using your customized message templates that you design using AutoTracker Pro's Template Manager. AutoTracker Pro also receives your customer's feedback, gages your customer's perception and reports that information to you on your Survey Dashboard.

AutoTracker Pro collects feedback
and rates your performance.
AutoTracker Pro Automated Surveys

Back Office

AutoTracker Pro streamlines your office operations making it very easy to sell your inventory. A sale is created in seconds using our automated Buyer's Order Form that determines the State, Local and RTD taxes, for you and computes the final cost after Trade-In allowance and deposits. All of the customized paperwork can be previewed and then emailed to your customers in a PDF (Portable Document Format). The documents are highlighted guiding the customer where to sign and initial.

AutoTracker Pro saves time and money
by speeding up routine office operations.
AutoTracker Pro Organization

AutoTracker Pro is used by Colorado's largest Classic Auto Dealers
Worldwide Vintage Autos
AutoTracker Pro streamlined our sales team and improved administrative operations by 40%
--Sean Bennett
Best Western Classics
AutoTracker Pro is convenient to use, especially the electronic forms delivery which saves time and money
--Jim Fisher